Glass veranda

Glass veranda

Are you looking for a suitable veranda, pergola or carport? Then you have come to the right place at Terrassenexpert. With our unique concept we deliver custom work at no extra cost. In the webshop you can indicate your size to the nearest cm for the products. We have the latest trends in patio roofs. The materials we work with have a long lifespan and it is also possible to purchase it in 2 colors. Other options such as a side wall or lighting are also possible.

Our possibilities for the realization of verandas are virtually endless. Based on your wishes and expectations, we design a veranda or orangery that fits seamlessly with your home and integrates as much as possible as extra living space for every season. All styles are possible in aluminum, wood and a combination of materials.
We take care of the complete realization of your veranda. You choose the degree of finish. The installation of air conditioning, heating, electricity and lighting is also carried out under our coordination.
Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy your garden every day in a beautiful garden room? You never have to take the weather conditions into account and you can even save on your heating bill? Whether you opt for a garden room, living veranda, pavilion, garden office or rather want to expand your living room or kitchen, a veranda is always an added value for your home… It brings light into the house, creates an outdoor feeling and forms a barrier against the winter cold.
In the spring you can enjoy the first rays of the sun, in the summer you can cool off in the midst of beautiful flowers, plants and shrubs. In autumn you have a view of the beautiful play of colors of the leaves and in the middle of winter you look out on the snowy landscape from a pleasantly warm room.

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