Panel fence

Panel fence

What is Panel Fence?
Panel Fencing is a central wire fencing product that provides boundary setting and security in perimeter security fencing systems. Panel fencing, the most widely used product of perimeter security systems, covers a wide area in wire fencing systems with its spot welded modular production model.

Easy assembly and disassembly
Panel fence provides great convenience to the user as it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Wide color options
Since our product can be produced in all ral codes, it gives you the chance to choose it.

Panel fencing is suitable for all terrain conditions with its mounting device on earth and concrete floors. In addition, it does not deform in bad weather conditions. We have single panel fence, double panel fence, high security fence products.

Areas of Use
Garden fences – bridges and highways – park fences – safety fences around machines

Panel Fence Features
Panel fencing, which is different from wire mesh fencing systems, is easy to assemble and disassemble with its fixed structure.
It can be made most suitable for your buildings by being produced in multiple sizes and painted in different colors.
The height of the panel fence is between 50 cm and 250 cm.
Wire fence used in panel fence raw material is galvanized and painted with electrostatic paint after production. For this reason, it does not rust or deform.

Panel Fence Prices
The prices of panel fences vary depending on the material to be used and the dimensions to be used. Contact us now for your orders and requests.

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