Pop-Up Blinds

Pop-Up Blinds

Home is the place where you enjoy the most. A veranda not only gives you more living space, but also more space to enjoy yourself. How about a delicious breakfast in the morning sun? Or look at an illuminated starry sky in the evening? With an aluminum veranda you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.
A custom veranda from terrace expert provides extra living space. A space that fits perfectly with your home and that you can put together completely as you want. We offer a wide choice of different styles, colors and options such as LED lighting, heating and blinds.

An awning keeps the sun out on days where the sun shines too brightly when you sit in your veranda, pergola or canopy. Terracesexpert awnings are made with special fabrics that are sun-resistant. This keeps it nice and cool in your veranda. You can have it cut to size with us. We come by to measure it, which is free by the way. After approval, we will schedule an appointment with you to install the blinds.

A sunblind can be operated fully automatically or manually.

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